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Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

CynderHost provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all public hosting plans on our platform. CynderHost provides SLAs for all hosting plans which allow you to be eligible to claim credit towards your account. SLAs are a way to resolve any CynderHost fault issues and any unplanned downtimes due to CynderHost's fault.

Availability SLA

You will be eligible for credit towards your account if you experience availability below our guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. Availability downtime is the total amount of minutes where you experience downtime with any service that you have with us. Downtime minutes start when you can prove downtime with logs, screenshots, or via our status page.
Type Uptime Credits
All Plans <99.9% 8x of prorated monthly charge during downtime

"Uptime" percentage is the total number of minutes in a month or contract period, subtracted by the total number of minutes of which the service was down, divided by the total number of minutes in a month or contract period.

For example, in a 31-day month, there are 44,640 minutes. Three hours of downtime is 180 minutes. With only three hours of downtime, the uptime percentage is 99.59% ((44,640 - 180) / 44,640). Since 99.59% is less than 99.90%, you're eligible for credit for 0.31% of the total availability. Under our 8x SLA, would be eligible for 2.48% of your monthly payment. (0.31% x 8).


To submit a claim for your credits, please create a ticket here and name the title "SLA Claim Request" and provide information to validate the claim including service, proof (error logs or screenshots), and other information necessary. Alternatively, you can email with the same information as required for the ticket.

Claims are required to be submitted within 30 days of service unavailability or downtime. No exceptions will be made.

Acceptance and Liability

By using our services, you agree to this SLA and its provisions. By agreeing to this SLA, you absolve CynderHost of any and all liability related to the services provided by CynderHost beyond what is stated in the SLA. At most, CynderHost's liability will not exceed 100% of the monthly payment.


No credits are given for failure to meet an SLA because of:
  • Denial of service or similar attacks
  • Customer failures
  • Domain Name expiration
  • Internet availability
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) resolution
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Any other downtime caused by issues beyond CynderHost’s reasonable control